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Promote! Promote!

Aside from spreading the word about Bows by Guangorena this blog is about business and sharing what I’m doing with my business in order to help others. Currently I have my sights set on promotion. If you have great items but are not reaching a large audience achieving the success you want is almost impossible. This is why I am working on building an amazing team of promotion experts to spread the word about the brand and bring in new customers. Below are my current goals:

1. Build our social networking pages (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Please take a moment and follow/like us!

2. Connect more with customers.

I want everyone to feel free to contact us. We respond to every email and most of the time I (the owner) am the person you are talking to. Whether it is a question about one of our items, a suggestion concerning items you want to see in the shop or a sponsorship opportunity, get in touch.You can email us at, fill out this form or send us a message through the online shop.

– Hire models

Every business needs models, right?

Owning a business requires a lot of work but every single day is more rewarding than the last.