The Rose


The RoseI am a huge fan of the Golden Girls. You know, the television show starring Betty White and Bea Arthur. Since I do enjoy the show very much I decided to make one inspired by my fav golden girl Rose. When I was shopping for fabric and saw this one it reminded me of her. I think its very reminiscent of Rose’s wardrobe.

Aside from the back story of the design this hair bow is gorgeous. I kept one for myself (which I do with all of the bows I make) and it goes with any hairstyle. I really like to wear it with a high bun. It looks so feminine and classy.

The Lea

The Lea

The Lea hair bow is here. I named this one after my niece. She is girly and oh so cute and so is this hair bow. Get yours before they are gone!

Mr. Adorable


What a dapper bow tie. This gingham bow tie is beyond amazing. Men can wear it, women can wear it and even little boys. Only 1 in stock. Don’t you want to be the owner of Mr. Adorable?